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Honoring Our Heroes: Rent King Veteran Spotlight

Rent King Veteran Spotlight

In honor of Veterans Day, we would like to introduce you to two incredible members of the Rent King family who have served in the armed forces: Brent Frimmer and Tony Fells. Both Brent and Tony bring unique experiences and skills from their time in the military to their roles at Rent King, and we're excited to share their stories with you in our Rent King Veteran Spotlight.

Brent Frimmer: A Tank Gunner with a Valuable Perspective

Brent Frimmer

Brent served in the US Army for four years, where he was a gunner on a tank. His military background instilled in him a strong work ethic, a respect for punctuality, the ability to work hard & smart and take instruction. Brent emphasizes that one of the most important lessons he learned in the military is the value of "shutting up and listening," a skill he finds invaluable in the world of customer service.

He also reflects on the loss of fellow soldiers, which taught him the preciousness of life and the importance of not wasting time.

Working at Rent King, Brent's favorite part is the sense of being part of a team that resembles a family. He highlights the support from ownership and management and the commitment to treating customers and military members like they are part of their extended family. When asked about product recommendations for military members and first responders, Brent suggests electronics, understanding that many military personnel live in barracks.

To Brent, the connection between his experience at Rent King and the military is clear; both environments emphasize the importance of teamwork and having each other's backs. Brent's fun fact? He loves to read. As we approach Veterans Day, his message to the community is simple: "We value you! Come here and see for yourself!"

Tony Fells: A Forward Observer with Valuable Insights

Tony Fells

Tony's military journey led him to seven years of active duty in the Army, where he served as a Forward Observer. His role included controlling artillery and mortar rounds and communicating with aircraft and helicopters. Tony's inspiration to join the military came from growing up in a military family, seeing the value of this background for himself and his children, and the opportunity to explore the world.

From his military service, Tony gained the ability to communicate effectively with all sorts of people, defuse situations, lead, adapt, and work toward common goals. Discipline and respect are the key values he brings to his role at Rent King.

One of Tony's most memorable experiences from the military was the day they returned from Afghanistan. The sheer excitement of family members and children welcoming them back home left a lasting, heartwarming impression.

Working at Rent King, Tony's favorite part is the camaraderie and the ease with which employees help each other. For product recommendations, he suggests mattresses, understanding the importance of a comfortable sleeping arrangement for military personnel.

Tony underlines that at Rent King, employees quickly become friends, and friends become family. On tough days, there's always a colleague to lean on for support. Tony's message for the community this Veterans Day is to connect with Rent King's dedicated sales team, who will go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.

Thank You Veterans. Honoring All Who Served.

Celebrating Veterans Day

In celebrating Veterans Day, we honor Brent and Tony, who have brought their military values, discipline, and a strong sense of community to Rent King. They are a testament to the bonds formed in service to our nation and the continued commitment to serving their community at Rent King. We invite you to visit the Brandon Rent King and experience the family-like atmosphere they help create every day. Thank you for your service, Brent and Tony!

Military & First Responder Discount Program

As we celebrate Veterans Day and the extraordinary service of veterans like Brent and Tony, we're excited to announce our new Military and First Responder Discount program. At Rent King, we understand the sacrifices made by those in the military and first responder community, and we want to show our appreciation. Check out all the details on this special program, including the fantastic discounts and benefits available to those who have served and continue to serve our communities. It's our way of saying thank you for your dedication, and we look forward to serving you at Rent King with the same warmth, respect, and family-like atmosphere that Brent, Tony, and our entire team bring to work every day.



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