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Granting Christmas Wishes

We're excited to share the incredible success of our 4th Annual Win Your Wish Giveaway. To date, we've had the honor of granting over $30,000 in Christmas wishes, and this year's wishes continue to inspire us.

The Win Your Wish Giveaway is our way of spreading the magic of the season by making Christmas wishes come true, and this year, we were proud to fulfill a wish from each of our 19 locations. It's a time when our community comes together to support one another, and the results are nothing short of remarkable.

This year, we had the honor of granting a variety of wishes, each one touching our hearts in its own unique way. From providing essentials to bringing joy to families, every wish carried a special significance.

One wish we fulfilled was for a family in need of an electric range. Their old one was falling apart, and with a family of ten, cooking meals with love and care was a top priority.

Another touching moment unfolded when we granted the wish of a gentleman who, out of pure selflessness, gifted his PS5 to a little boy who had been yearning for one for his birthday but whose family couldn't afford it. His act of kindness didn't go unnoticed, and we were thrilled to make his wish come true.

Additionally, we reached out to support a woman fighting cancer. She was struggling to afford her medication, so we stepped in to pay off her Rent King accounts, providing some financial relief during this challenging time.

There was also a wish for a dining room set to uplift a family of five who had been eating on the floor. Our goal was to provide them with a comfortable and dignified dining space.

One of the most heartwarming moments of this year's Win Your Wish Giveaway involved a young boy who had a simple yet meaningful wish—to receive a laptop. His eyes sparkled with joy when he shared that this was going to be the best Christmas ever!

These are just a few examples of the incredible wishes we were able to grant this year. Many people wished for items not for themselves, but for family members who work tirelessly and deserve a little extra joy.

Our Win Your Wish Giveaway wouldn't be possible without the support of our amazing community. Your participation and heartfelt wishes are what make this initiative so special. We're grateful to have you as part of the Rent King family.

As we reflect on the success of this initiative, we're filled with gratitude and joy. Thank you for making these moments of kindness possible.

Stay tuned for more updates on our community initiatives, and let's continue to make a positive impact together. Wishing you all a wonderful start to the new year!



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